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Annual Report 2005-06: People management

People management

CASA’s new certified agreement, which became operational on 16 February 2006, supports the organisation’s strategic direction as articulated in the CASA Corporate Plan 2005–06 to 2007–08. Our key goals for the certified agreement are organisational flexibility and efficiency, better responsiveness to our obligations under the Civil Aviation Act, better aviation safety outcomes, and an effective and rewarding work environment.

CASA’s approach to people management emphasises the importance of appropriate values and behaviours in the workplace, and the development of the staff we need to be an efficient, effective and high-performing organisation. Our key methods to achieve these aims include:

  • enhancement of workforce and management capabilities through targeted development and better recruitment
  • continued development of learning programs that give staff the foundation skills they need to carry out their technical, regulatory and corporate responsibilities
  • ongoing development of the CASA values and supporting behavioural framework
  • development of new performance management arrangements, which use regular discussions of work programs to link an individual’s work to the key performance indicators in CASA’s corporate plan
  • continued revision of human resource and occupational health and safety policies, procedures and practices to place greater emphasis on organisational flexibility, responsiveness to CASA’s business requirements and increased line manager responsibility for people management, and to ensure that employees have a safe and healthy place to work.

Supporting initiatives in people management have included the continued development of the CASA human resources team, with a focus on clear and timely advice on staffing matters, and the implementation of improved systems and processes to ensure effective delivery of human resources services across the organisation.