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Annual Report 2005-06: Overview of financial position

Overview of financial position

Key indicators of the health of CASA's financial position are its ability to sustain its asset base, its ability to pay debts as they fall due in the short term, and the maintenance of prudent levels of long-term liabilities. The ability of CASA to sustain its asset base is indicated by changes in net assets.

Figure 6 shows that net assets are stable in relation to 2004–05 and forward estimates.

Figure 6 – Financial position, 2004–05 to 2008–09 ($'000)

Figure 6 – Financial position, 2004–05 to 2008–09 ($'000)

Revenue and financial plan

CASA’s total forecast revenue for 2006–07 is $118.9 million, to be derived as follows:

  • $40.5 million from government appropriations
  • $66.6 million provided by the aviation industry through collection of excise revenue on aviation fuel used in domestic air travel
  • $10.5 million collected for regulatory services specifically requested by the aviation industry
  • $1.3 million from interest received from investments and cash deposits.

This revenue base broadly reflects the beneficiaries of CASA’s functions undertaken as part of its responsibilities under the Civil Aviation Act.

The financial plan for 2006–07 and the forward estimates for 2007–10 are based on the figures provided in CASA’s Agency Budget Statement 2006–07.