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Annual Report 2005 06: Output 2: Aviation Safety Compliance

Output 2: Aviation Safety Compliance


  • Implementation of the General Aviation Operations Group surveillance resource planning matrix
  • Completion and implementation of the General Aviation Operations Group Decision Assistance Risk Tool, and training in its use
  • Commencement of general aviation special audits for high-risk operators.


Compliance with Australian aviation safety legislation is secured through effective education, surveillance and procedurally fair enforcement.

CASA works with the aviation industry, sharing responsibility for safety to achieve the best possible safety outcomes. Over the past few years, our approach has been to more closely integrate our regulatory functions of surveillance and enforcement with our work to encourage the industry’s greater acceptance of its safety obligations. This approach is reflected in our adoption of system safety auditing and our efforts to help the industry comply.

For producers of aviation products, CASA’s work is important to ensure the continuation of international acceptances. EASA has accepted that a CASA CAR 30 approval may satisfy EASA requirements for design approval, and the United States Federal Aviation Administration’s Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement includes provision for acceptance of many Australian design approvals made under CAR 35, especially within a CAR 30 organisation.