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Annual Report 2005-06: Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety


In addition to the overview of occupational health and safety (OH&S) activities in Part 3, the following information about OH&S is provided to meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991.

Designated work groups and representatives

In consultation with relevant unions, CASA has in place 16 designated work groups to deal with OH&S:

New South Wales Kingsford Smith Airport Office, Mascot
Bankstown Airport Office
NSW Country Office, Tamworth Annex
Victoria Melbourne Office
Moorabbin Office
Queensland Service Centre, Bowen Hills
Hendra Office
Townsville Office
Cairns Office
Western Australia Perth Office
South Australia Adelaide Office
Northern Territory Darwin Office
Australian Capital Territory Novell House
CASA Building
Sverdrup House
NSW Country Office, Canberra Annex


Each designated work group includes a health and safety representative, a deputy health and safety representative and a CASA management nominee. The 2005–06 financial year was the second year of the term of office for elected representatives.

Measures to ensure employees’ and contractors’ health, safety and welfare at work

During 2005–06, we maintained our commitment to CASA’s Injury Prevention Program, keeping our focus on prevention, early intervention and injury management strategies in an effort to reduce the incidence of injuries and improve return-to-work outcomes.

Measures during the year were:

  • regular workstation assessments and group health and safety awareness sessions
  • development of a consultative framework to ensure OH&S involvement in the purchase and release of new equipment, software and work systems
  • introduction of a revised incident notification and reporting process, including a database to link incidents to lost time and claims processing
  • ongoing identification of hazards from normal work operations, and determination of the level of risks associated with those hazards
  • development of key control measures and documented procedures for OH&S processes
  • commencement of a project to identify requirements and standards for and costs of personal protective equipment
  • coordinated training of newly elected health and safety representatives and first aid officers
  • continued promotion of the Employee Assistance Program.

Workers compensation premium

CASA’s revised workers compensation premium for 2005–06 was 1.24% of total payroll, lower than the overall Commonwealth premium rate average of 1.77%.

Accidents or dangerous occurrences during the year

One notifiable accident or dangerous occurrence occurred during 2005–06.

Investigations conducted during the year

No official OH&S investigations were conducted during the year; nor were any provisional improvement notices issued to CASA.

Occupational health and safety policy

The OH&S Policy was released and promulgated to all staff in September 2005.