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Annual Report 2005-06: Corporate performance

Corporate performance

The CASA Corporate Plan 2005–06 to 2007–08 listed as a key strategy the creation of a work environment that attracts and develops motivated, capable and high-performing people. Planned targets for 2005–06 included the implementation of a senior management employment framework and policies; implementation of important initiatives in the CASA Certified Agreement 2006–08; the development of a framework for our performance management system; and the development of e-learning opportunities.

The senior management employment framework was developed and agreed to by the CEO. It is now being progressively implemented within the Senior Management Group as existing contracts are renewed or as new managers are employed.

Certified agreement policies and processes have been implemented, including a new classification structure, travel policy, Human resources guide, common increment dates and consultation arrangements. This work is on track.

Performance management processes for the Senior Management Group and other CASA staff were developed. The implementation of our new Performance Appraisal and Communications Scheme will further emphasise and support our desired performance culture.

To support the delivery of online learning, CASA has purchased Breeze presenter software. We have developed e-learning programs covering environmental awareness and workplace diversity, and an induction package for CLARC staff.

Performance measures

Strategy Ensure work practices are aligned with CASA’s core values and behaviours as reflected in Minister’s Charter Letter
Measure Reducing trend of industry complaints about CASA’s behaviours and consistency of regulatory decision making
Result From its inception on 19 February to 30 June 2006, the office of the Industry Complaints Commissioner received 219 complaints. Statistics are being kept and trend information will be available for 2006–07. The number of complaints from industry concerning regulatory decisions is likely to continue to increase as the establishment of the office of the Industry Complaints Commissioner becomes more widely known. In time, it is expected that the number of complaints will plateau.
Progress On track
Strategy Maintain Australia’s international aviation safety reputation
Measure Maintain Australia’s status as an ICAO Member State of Chief Importance in Air Transport
Result Following re-election to the ICAO Council in 2004 as a Member State of Chief Importance, Australia continues to make effective representations on the council and to make a valuable contribution to the work of ICAO through participation in various technical panels and working groups.
Progress Ongoing
Measure Continue to develop bilateral agreements with target nations
  • Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness signed with the United States
  • Substantial progress towards arrangements with the European Aviation Safety Agency, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.
Progress Ongoing
Strategy Increase overall efficiency by optimal use of CASA resources
Measure By June 2008, long-term funding strategy implemented
Result Phase 2 underway and is due for implementation on 1 July 2007.
Progress On track
Measure By January 2006, cost-recovery system implemented
Result Phase 1 of the cost-recovery program was implemented in accordance with government guidelines.
Progress Completed
Measure By January 2006, review all non-core business processes in CASA, with a view to implementing best practice
Result Market testing of all non-core business areas was completed, and recommendations were implemented.
Progress Completed
Strategy Achieve a high level of awareness of government aviation reform agenda, respond fully to government aviation policy directions
Measure Minister’s satisfaction with CASA’s awareness of and responsiveness to government’s aviation agenda
Result CASA has endeavoured to be responsive to recent security checking and cost-recovery issues. While these issues continue to cause some concern in the Minister’s office, regular updates on progress are being provided and complaints are being addressed in a timely fashion.
Progress On track
Strategy Deliver enhanced level of organisational integrity, ethics, probity, governance and accountability
Measure Deliver ethics and privacy awareness training
Result Fraud, ethics and privacy awareness training sessions were provided to CASA offices by December 2005.
Progress Completed for this financial year.
Measure Align fraud control plan with internal audit plan
Result Under the Audit and Risk Committee’s Internal Audit Charter, the committee reviews these plans annually to ensure that risks are adequately addressed.
Progress Ongoing
Measure Deliver a new internal audit manual
Result The manual is currently being updated. Internal Audit prepares the manual, which is reviewed by the Audit and Risk Committee every three years to ensure that it reflects strategic direction and best practice.
Progress Ongoing
Measure Formal assessments by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit, the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee and annual reporting award bodies resulting in CASA’s annual report being unchallenged
Result In November 2005 and February and May 2006, CASA appeared at estimates hearings of the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee. Several questions about CASA’s operations were answered by senior staff at the hearings, and CASA answered numerous questions that were taken on notice or asked post hearings. No formal assessments of the 2004–05 annual report were undertaken by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit.
Progress On track