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Annual Report 2005-06: Competitive tendering and contracting

Competitive tendering and contracting

Competitive tendering and contracting (CTC) is the contracting out of the delivery of activities previously performed by an Australian Government agency. It can relate to either goods or services. During 2005–06, CASA operated with one existing CTC contract from earlier years; there were no CTC contract extensions, and no new CTC contracts were entered into.

Following an open tender, IPEX ITG (a division of Volante Group Limited) was engaged on 26 June 2000 to provide information technology and telecommunications services. The original contract was for five years, with the option for two two-year extensions. During 2003–04, CASA exercised options extending the contract to June 2009.

Advertising and market research

In accordance with amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, all Australian Government departments and authorities are required to set out, in their annual reports, details of amounts paid by or on behalf of them during the year to advertising agencies, market research organisations, media advertising organisations and direct mail organisations.

In 2005–06, CASA paid the amounts detailed in Tables 13, 14 and 15.

Table 13 – Media costs, 2005–06
Vendor Amount ($)
AAP Information Services Pty Ltd 14,327
Aero Illustrations 13,170
Australia –Pacific Aviation Services Pty Ltd 18,000
Australian Parachute Federation 1,800
Australian Picture Library 2,286
Aviart International 2,100
Breen Printing 9,091
Brindabella Airlines 5,460
Bureau of Meteorology 3,150
Cassidy Enterprises 2,731
Chris Kelly Cartoonist Caricaturist 5,100
CSIRO 7,400
Department of Parliamentary Services 5,463
Filmday Pty Ltd 2,036
Flight Medicine Systems 9,705
Flight Training Adelaide 1,750
Fox51 Photography 2,875
Geoff Comfort Photography 2,526
Gettyimages Inc 9,122
Ice Media Pty Ltd 1,700
InThink Pty Ltd 1,875
James Alexander Ostinga 10,675
Jancris Pty Ltd 3,886
Jeff Watson Productions Pty Ltd 5,100
John Mulcair 3,300
JS Mcmillan Pty Ltd 19,043
Macarthur Job 5,759
McGoo Aviation Services 2,104
Media Monitors Australia Pty Ltd 42,225
Michael J Smith 8,303
Montage Productions Pty Ltd 20,230
Moorabbin Flying Services 1,800
Multilocus Interactive Pty Ltd 5,182
National Convention Centre 6,010
North Queensland Aero Club 1,900
Paul Phelan 1,633
Plaspress Pty Ltd 25,364
Robert Lee and Sue Burdekin Pty Ltd 2,299
Roy Morgan Research Pty Ltd 29,800
Sabdent Pty Ltd 5,872
Skye Group Pty Ltd 10,355
Staging Connections ( Canberra) 2,484
Swell Design Group Pty Ltd 3,306
TMP Worldwide Pty Ltd 3,698
Vantage Systems Pty Ltd 3,880
Wilson Media Pty Ltd 2,059
WordsWorth Writing 3,886
Total media costs 351,820

Note: Excludes GST. Expenditure relates to amounts over $1500.
Rounded to whole dollars.


Table 14 – Direct mail costs, 2005–06
Vendor Amount ($)
1st Fleet Warehousing and Distribution 2,366
Australia Post 527,600
Australian Air Express Pty Ltd 31,295
Australian National Couriers 3,326
Canberra Mailing 9,369
Croff Commercial Services 2,069
DHL International Pty Ltd 2,234
Harcor Security Deals 1,824
JS Mcmillan Pty Ltd 13,636
Lane Print Group 11,333
Morgans Corner 2,812
Reworrah Pty Ltd t/as Red Dog Couriers 2,454
RMS Distribution Services 3,195
Sabdent Pty Ltd 1,560
Spring 5,151
TNT Express 97,306
Toll Transport Pty Ltd 1,610
Universal Express Courier Service 9,159
Total direct mail costs 728,299

Note: Excludes GST. Expenditure relates to amounts over $1,500.
Rounded to whole dollars.

Table 15 – Advertising costs, 2005–06
Vendor Total ($)
AOPA Australia 6,000
Attorney-General’s Department 89,925
Aviation Trader 4,408
Executive Media 3,182
hma Blaze Pty Ltd 39,023
Seek 7,800
Tarmac Magazine 3,585
TMP Worldwide Pty Ltd 13,834
Total advertising costs 167,757

Note: Excludes GST. Expenditure relates to amounts over $1,500.
Rounded to whole dollars.