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Annual Report 2005-06: Briefing in a box

Briefing in a box

As part of our commitment to providing education and training materials that target high-priority safety risks, CASA has created the Briefing in a box series for use by the flying training industry.

Topics for the series are derived from research into factors that contribute to incidents and accidents, and include:

  • operations in and around controlled airspace
  • fuel planning
  • night visual flight rules
  • visual flight rules into instrument meteorological conditions.

Each Briefing in a box is packaged, as the name suggests, in a box. The boxes contain a seminar outline, CDs and DVDs, background reading, booklets, handouts and worksheets—everything a flying instructor needs to give an informative and educational briefing on the topic.

Boxes have been sent to more than 210 flying schools across Australia. Formal evaluation of the program has been very positive, with 85% of respondents to a survey rating it as a useful educational resource and almost 1,600 individual briefings having been conducted. The training materials were thought to be helpful in providing uniformity and consistency, the packaging was regarded as practical and useful, and it was hoped CASA would produce briefings on other topics.

Through such tools, CASA presents consistent information and messages, in easily accessible formats, to support high-quality flying training—which leads to good air safety outcomes.


briefing in a box brochures and cd