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Annual Report 2005-06: Aviation Safety Forum

Aviation Safety Forum

The Aviation Safety Forum (ASF) continued its work as CASA’s strategic advisory body on aviation safety, examining issues referred to it by CASA or raised by forum members. While members are appointed on an ex-officio basis, the forum is broadly representative of the aviation industry and is also a source of specialist expertise in areas such as passenger transport and safety, engineering, general aviation and aviation medicine. Airservices Australia and the Department of Defence are also represented, and DOTARS has observer status.

In 2005–06, the ASF examined a number of strategic issues, including those associated with changes to CASA’s structure and regulatory reform; CASA’s long-term funding strategy and cost-recovery arrangements; the drug and alcohol review for the aviation industry; and the introduction of the Aviation Security Identity Card and the Medical Records Online service. The forum also advised on specific items, such as the development of standards for the use of night vision goggles, the introduction of the Class A Terrain Avoidance Warning System, and governance arrangements in general aviation organisations.

During the year, Carol Durkin, Peter Heath, David Earley, Andrew Rostron and Bill Whitney retired from the ASF. Ms Durkin had given outstanding service as chair, and she and the other retiring members had made valuable contributions to the work of the forum.

The current chair, appointed in February 2006, is John Raby. Members appointed during the year were John Bartlett, Owen Batchelor, Jim Davis, Bob Hall, James Kimpton and Adrian Verkerk.

ASF members

ASF members: Standing left to right Bob Hall, John Bartlett, Ken Keech, James Kimpton, Robyn Beetham, Ross Carrington, John Raby, John Doherty, Rod Graff. Front left to right Owen Batchelor, Adrian Verkerk, Rob Gagnon, Jim Davis