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Annual Report 2005-06: Aviation Industry Regulatory System

Aviation Industry Regulatory System

After more than two years of planning and development, the foundation stage of AIRS (the Aviation Industry Regulatory System) was implemented in September 2005. AIRS is a powerful IT application that will be used throughout CASA for a wide range of purposes.

As a database, AIRS is able to capture complex operational information. It enables CASA to get a complete picture of the licences, instruments and approvals that are held by an organisation, and to identify linkages between organisations and individuals.

AIRS is being used to issue pilot licences and aircraft maintenance engineer licences, and to store and process aircraft registration information. The AIRS system also enables the CASA Licensing and Registration Centre to manage workflows and monitor service delivery standards.

The system is also being used by the General Aviation Operations Group and the Air Transport Operations Group to capture the information required for the issuance of Air Operator’s Certificates, Certificates of Approval and some of the key Instruments of Approval. The system is now beginning to be used across CASA to capture all the other certificates, instruments and delegations issued by the organisation.

AIRS has increased efficiency in processing and reporting and, as a centralised system, has greatly improved access to information. In future, AIRS will offer a number of online self-service options to pilots and the aviation industry. These will include paying fees and bills; subscribing to mailing lists; managing personal details; and applying online for various items. By capturing information such as surveillance and audit findings, AIRS will also become a key risk analysis tool.


AIRS screenshot