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Annual Report 2005 06: Appendix 5 Consultants, contractors and legal expenses

Appendix 5 — Consultants, contractors and legal expenses

Table 40 – Service contractors and consultants, 2005–06
Vendor Nature and purpose Amount ($)
Accenture Australia Holdings Pty Ltd Change Management Project 148,496
Acumen Alliance Pty Ltd Change Management Project 273,1229
Acumen Alliance Pty Ltd Internal Audit 131,297
Acumen Alliance Pty Ltd Manager Budgeting and Planning 50,329
Acumen Alliance Pty Ltd Project accounting and Financial Statements 106,723
Airservices Australia ICAO representative 60,259
Amaroo Associates Pty Ltd Financial viability services 41,916
Australian National Audit Office Audit of Financial Statements 62,000
Barbara Yeoh & Associates Pty Ltd Audit Committee fees 31,193
Bruce Malcolm Davis Exam questions 10,175
Carol L Durkin Aviation Safety Forum 10,000
Colliers Carpark evaluation 10,000
David McBrien Standards Consultative Committee 11,818
Department of Transport & Regional Services ICAO representative 206,107
Dr James Ross DAME Handbook revision 19,133
Dun & Bradstreet Risk management subscription 14,760
Effective People Regulatory development services 113,876
EP SRC Solutions Pty Ltd Rehabilitation case management 30,403
Han-Bry Pty Ltd Change Management Project 27,600
ISM Group Pty Ltd Damovo Management 80,393
ISM Group Pty Ltd Information Services—contract management 79,371
ISM Group Pty Ltd IT security 44,770
JS McMillan Pty Ltd Printing services 15,285
KPMG AIRS contract review 12,100
KPMG Change Initiatives audit 18,150
KPMG FBT preparation and review 37,650
KPMG HR Business 18,438
KPMG Internal audit services 299,601
Kyriakidis Executive manager selection 19,434
Lambert Rehbein Pty Ltd Specialist aviation services 59,109
LPC Australia Pty Ltd Property management 18,769
MTS Allstream Inc Generated Minimum Equipment List 36,775
NetImpact Online Publishing Pty Ltd CASA CD-ROM Library 115,339
New Focus Market research 13,823
Pat Farrelly & Associates Pty Ltd Change Management Project 22,120
Pinpoint Solutions Risk Model Project 104,949
Robson Huntley & Associates Pty Ltd Change Management Project 175,998
Sabdent Pty Ltd Scimitar Aviation 18,991
Sirius Telecommunications Provision of reception and security services 243,187
Sparke Helmore Workplace relations assessment and consulting 11,518
St John of God Health Services Rehabilitation case management 12,666
Stopline Pty Ltd Protected Disclosure Policy 18,000
The Aeronautical Design Service Change Management Project 18,000
The Allen Consulting Group Change Management Project 86,081
Total Decision Support Pty Ltd Activity Based Costing Model 47,400
University of South Australia Adams Project 30,000
WalterTurnbull Pty Ltd Change Management Project 346,324
Wordware Development and maintenance of CASA manuals 120,253
Total service contractors and consultants   5,941,808

Note: Excludes GST. Expenditure relates to amounts greater than $10,000. Contractors and consultants employed in projects are included in this listing. Rounded to whole dollars.

Table 41 – Legal costs paid during 2005–06
Vendor Amount ($)
Attorney-General’s Department 5,995
Auscript 2,623
Australian Government Solicitor 27,999
Blake Dawson Waldron Solicitors 5,069
Brett Shields 2,610
Clayton Utz 45,338
Corporate Air Canberra—Expert Witness 1,361
Farid Assaf 3,200
Federal Court of Australia 52
Grundy Maitland & Co Lawyers 90,929
Ian Harvey 123,595
Mallesons Stephen Jaques ( Canberra) 154,024
Michael Green 3,182
Office of the State Coroner ( Queensland) 39
Paul Brereton 9,370
Paul Hibberd 1,170
Phillips Fox 61,466
Queensland Law Society 219
Wingwest Pty Ltd—Expert Witness 2,184
Total legal costs 540,424

Note: Excludes GST and disbursements. Rounded to whole dollars.