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Annual Report 2005-06: Accountability to the Minister

Accountability to the Minister

The CASA Corporate Plan 2005–06 to 2007–08 has been prepared in accordance with subsection 44(1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1988. The plan was approved by the Hon Warren Truss MP, Minister for Transport and Regional Services, in August 2006.

CASA’s rolling three-year corporate plan contains the guiding principles underpinning our strategic approach and covers the intended means of achieving our ongoing program. It is designed to ensure that CASA is best able to meet public expectations about aviation safety and to make sure that the organisation is positioned to manage aviation safety risks effectively and efficiently.

This corporate plan represents our latest thinking on CASA’s future directions. It draws from lessons learned, it finetunes our approach to ongoing programs, it makes allowance for changes in what is a dynamic aviation environment, and it incorporates new thinking and initiatives. The full text of the plan is available at www.casa.gov.au/corplan.