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Aerodromes are affected minimally by CASR Part 175. If you are an aerodrome operator and supply aeronautical data or information to Airservices Australia for the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), you are considered an aeronautical data originator under Subpart 175.D.

In addition, under Subpart 175.E, Airservices Australia now has the authority to contact aerodrome operators to request information about objects and structures that affect aviation safety. Typically, the objects and structures are those which penetrate the Obstacle Limitation Surface, or are on an Aerodrome Obstacle Chart Type A or B, however Airservices will be able to request data on any object or structure in the interests of aviation safety.

During the transition period, data originators were contacted by Airservices Australia and issued a data product specification.  In accordance with Part 175, data originators are required to:

  • ensure you have managers in place with designated responsibility for the AIP
  • keep Airservices Australia up to date on any changes to the AIP
  • notify Airservices Australia of who is authorised to request the issue of NOTAM
  • conduct an annual review of your data and information that is published in the AIP.  

A more detailed overview of the requirements is provided in the regulation on the Comlaw website at www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2014L01261 under Subpart 175.D and Subpart 175.E.

For further information about data product specifications or being a supplier of aeronautical data or information or obstacle data, please contact Airservices Australia on (02) 6268 5596 or visit the Airservices Australia website.