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AEG - New Technologies & Systems

Airworthiness Engineering Group


Jim Coyne

This section is responsible for the provision of expertise on all aircraft engineering systems as well as being responsible for managing any applications associated with new and emerging technologies for CASA. The main tasks of the section revolve around the System's aspects of Continuing Airworthiness. New Technologies and Systems raises and maintains Airworthiness Directives (ADs) to ensure the safety of Australian aircraft, based both on ADs raised by the various States of Design, as well as on Defect Reports, and accident and incident data

New Technologies and Systems is also the CASA focal point for propulsion, mechanical systems, radio, electrical systems, instruments, software, and flight test engineering issues. New Technologies and Systems also provides expertise for type certification of new types of aircraft and equipment, and assists in the oversight of public permission holders such as CAR 35 Authorised Persons.

New Technologies and Systems also produces Advisory Material to assist industry in maintaining the airworthiness of their aircraft. Airworthiness Bulletins and "Flight Safety Australia" articles are produced based on Defect Reports, and accident and incident data.

This Section also manages the receipt, distribution/assessment and database of the Service Difficulty Reporting system and monitors new technologies projects.

The New Technologies and Systems Section also manages all test pilot activities.