Stakeholder satisfaction survey results


The results of our 2023 stakeholder satisfaction survey are now in.

Stakeholder satisfaction survey

While there was an overall reduction in satisfaction (from 6.3 in 2020 to 6.1 in 2023), the survey found that satisfaction increased across most aspects of CASA’s performance since 2020.

The overall rating was impacted by frustrations with service delivery due to delays in applications and approvals, which we are actively working to improve.

Our stakeholders said they have seen a significant improvement in their interactions with CASA and are impressed by our willingness to consult with stakeholders, take on suggestions and explain the decisions we make.

Based on the feedback from our stakeholders, CASA’s next major focus is to improve our regulatory service delivery times.

The 2023 stakeholder survey was conducted between April and May this year by independent research consultancy Faster Horses.

The survey includes qualitative and quantitative aspects. Fifteen stakeholders from a cross-section of the aviation industry were invited for in-depth interviews, and we invited a sample of 6,600 randomly selected stakeholders to complete a 5-minute survey, with 683 providing their responses. This methodology was consistent with our previous 2 surveys.

You can read the full report of CASA’s 2023 stakeholder satisfaction survey now:

Online version available at:
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