Stakeholder satisfaction survey 2023


We're surveying the aviation community to see how we’re performing and help us focus our efforts into the future.

Stakeholder satisfaction survey

We are engaging with Faster Horses Consulting to conduct an online survey with a random sample of people and organisations representing all sectors of the aviation community.

If you're randomly selected, you'll receive a CASA-branded email on 17 April inviting you to take part in this research. The email will include an external link to the survey. We'd be grateful if you took the opportunity to share your honest feedback.

This year's survey will include similar questions to the previous surveys around your relationship and interactions with CASA.

The feedback we receive will never be connected to an individual or organisation. Only de-identified aggregate survey results will be published (see the previous results on our website, as an example). You can also read the privacy obligations that both CASA and Faster Horses Consulting must adhere to.

If you have any questions, please call 131 757 or get in touch via our website's contact form.

Online version available at:
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