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Date published: 18 March 2022


Did you know that CASA doesn’t need to review every medical certificate application or renewal?

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If you’re applying for a class 2 medical and only want to perform certain activities, some Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) may be issue one on the spot without the need for CASA assessment. These are known as DAME2s. If you’d like to book a medical examination with someone who is authorised to provide this service, check out the list of Australian DAME2s on our website. 

Basic class 2 medical certificates can be recommended for approval by any medical practitioner (including a GP) who does medicals for commercial motor vehicle drivers. The medical standard is exactly the same as the commercial driver standard (Austroads). 

If you’re applying for a Basic class 2 medical, all you need to do is:

  • enter your details in MRS
  • nominate the medical practitioner who will be conducting your examination
  • print the form with your medical practitioner’s details on it
  • attend your medical appointment
  • (where no issues are identified) complete the declaration in MRS and pay the $10 application fee. The Basic Class 2 medical certificate will then be emailed to you on the spot. 

We’re currently processing a large number of aviation medical certificates, so we strongly encourage applicants to take these options if you can. This will allow us to focus on processing applications and renewals for class 1 medical certificates, or medical certificates in other classes that require a CASA review. 
If you’ve already submitted through MRS and are waiting to hear back from us, please be assured your application will progress through our queue and we’ll let you know when it’s been processed. If your medical is due to expire in the next 7 days, or if you need it urgently for operational reasons, please email us at avmed@casa.gov.au or call 131 757 (select option 1 for Aviation Medicine). We apologise for the delays and appreciate your patience.

Find out more about who can issue different classes of medical certificates or check out our quick reference guide below.

Pilot medical certification: Quick reference guide

Pilot medical certification: Quick reference guide
Pilot Licence Class of Medical Commercial (No Passengers) Commercial (With Passengers) Total Passengers Other Limitations Examined By Reviewed By CASA Airspace Access

Air Transport Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

Class 1 Yes Yes No limit No limits Designated Aviation Medical Examiner Yes All classes

Commercial Pilot Licence

Private Pilot Licence

Class 2 Yes No No limit
  • 8618 kg for non-passenger carrying commercial operations
  • Visual flight rules/ instrument flight rules
Designated Aviation Medical Examiner


CASA review only for cases of irreversible dementia, psychosis, or epilepsy (or DAME request)

All classes

Private Pilot Licence

Recreational Pilot Licence

Basic Class 2 No No Pilot plus 5


  • Piston engines only
  • Day visual flight rules
  • No aerobatics
  • Altitudes up to 10,000ft
Medical Practitioner or Designated Aviation Medical Examiner No

All classes

Recreational Pilot Certificate RA-AUS No No Pilot plus 1

Less than 600 kg

  • Day Visual Flight Rules
Self certified No Outside controlled airspace
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//speed-your-medical
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