Southern hemisphere's biggest drone light display safely soars over Sydney

Date published: 14 January 2022


In early January the biggest drone light display in the southern hemisphere dazzled Sydney crowds following essential safety requirements being ticked off by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to safeguard those watching on the ground.

The ELEVATE SkyShow, lit up Sydney Harbour for the first time with 500 drones, revitalising people’s imagination in a time of uncertainty.

Featuring cutting-edge technology, art and a First Nations narrative, the inaugural ELEVATE SkyShow blended art and technology to create an entirely new form of night-time entertainment. The drones performed between the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to a powerful and moving soundtrack.

The checks and approvals performed prior to the display are part of CASA’s remit to regulate aviation safety, including ensuring safe and legal drone operations.

CASA Manager Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Operations Scott Duffy said public safety is the top priority when assessing and approving drone displays, especially events of this size and complexity.

“We conducted a number of checks to ensure the displays comply with our safety regulations, including assessing the applicant’s risk assessments and attending the tech rehearsal before the event,” Mr Duffy said.

“We worked closely with the chief remote pilot, Sue Osborn from Mirragin, the remote pilots from Intel, who flew the drones, as well as the creative directors and producers, AGB Events, to provide important information on when, where and how they could use the drones effectively, safely and within the regulations.”

Check out the highlights of this year’s ELEVATE Skyshow.

Biggest drone light display skyshow in Sydney
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