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Licences and registrations

New pilot licensing regulations commence on 1 September 2014. CASA is currently reviewing and, where necessary, updating all website content to ensure it correctly reflects these regulations. Please note the information on this page might be outdated. If you have any questions about the new licensing regulations please contact your local Aviation Safety Advisor or CASA’s Licensing and Registration Centre for up to date advice.

The CASA Licensing and Registration Centre - CLARC - processes pilot and maintenance engineer licensing applications, aircraft registration applications/notifications and medical certification applications.

CLARC also coordinates the issuing of Aviation Reference Numbers (ARNs) for individuals.

Rollout of new application forms

All CLARC forms for Industry are currently being modified to assist you in completing your application correctly.  As a result new forms are being added to the website and superseded forms have been removed.

CASA appreciates your co-operation during the rollout of new forms over the coming months and advise Industry to only use forms printed from the website to ensure you are using the most up to date version.

Licence and registration answers

Payment of fees

Where an application requires payment of a fee, there are a number of options available:

  • Online payment for credit card payments.
  • If the form includes the option, enter your credit card details on the form and post or fax it to CLARC with the application.
  • Include a cheque with the form, made out to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and post it to CLARC with the application.

Credit cards accepted: Visa and MasterCard only.

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications for licences, medicals or registrations may be returned for completion.

Proof of identity for overseas students

Adequate proof of identity documents must be supplied with all applications for licences and security checks. A letter stating a student is enrolled at a flying training organisation is not an acceptable form of identification. What is required for Proof of Identity