Seeking feedback on modular licence for aircraft maintenance engineers


To help address the shortage of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, we have developed a modular licensing proposal.

We are now seeking feedback on the first stage before we finalise it this year.

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The modular licensing structure will allow people to get an aircraft engineer licence sooner (with limitations). They will also be able to add to the scope of their licence (remove the limitations) as they get more experience and, where applicable, pass further examinations.

This is designed to help address the shortage of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAMEs) by making it easier for people to obtain a licence or return to the profession after a long absence. It will also assist foreign licence holders seeking a qualification to work in Australia.

We propose to introduce the modular system in two phases as part of our General Aviation Workplan.

We are currently consulting on the first stage which has been developed by working with industry representatives through the Part 66 Technical Working Group.

In stage 1, we propose to amend the Part 66 Manual of Standards by the end of 2023 to enable Category B1 (mechanical) and B2 (avionics) licences to be issued with exclusions.

Stage 1 will allow people to get a licence to do certain things sooner than they would be able to do if they had to complete the full licence. We aim to be able to accept applications for a modular licence by end of 2023.

Next year we will seek feedback on Stage 2. It will expand exclusion removal pathways and allow exclusions to be removed by a CASA self-study training and examination pathway.

Find out more and provide your comments via the Consultation Hub.

Consultation closes 12 October.

Online version available at:
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