Role of the B2 LAME in Part 43 – proposed under Part 43

Learn more about the role of the B2 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) once Part 43 is made and commences.

Who should read this

  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Registered operators
  • CAR30 organisations
  • Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations

Under Part 43, there will be no legislated requirement to have avionics maintenance, other than major avionics repairs and modifications, performed or released to service by a B2 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME).

This would not prevent a B1 LAME employing the services of a B2 LAME if avionics maintenance is involved. In fact, this is encouraged.

What will I be permitted to do as a B2 LAME under Part 43?

Once Part 43 comes into effect:

  • The holder of a B2 licence would be permitted to perform and certify all maintenance within the scope of the licence.
  • the ability to exercise the licence would be unaffected by aircraft type ratings or CASA approval requirements (for Part 43 maintenance only).
  • A B2 LAME would be able to release an aircraft to service after avionics maintenance and minor repairs or modifications – only a B2 LAME holding an avionics inspection authorisation (IA) will be permitted to return an aircraft to service after major avionics repairs or modifications.
  • If a B2 LAME installs, performs maintenance on, or modifies an autopilot system and the work has involved disturbance of a flight control system, they would be permitted to certify for the work, however the aircraft may only be released to service by a B1 LAME.
    • if a B2 LAME has certified for work carried out as part of a larger maintenance task being carried out by a B1 LAME, the certification by the B2 LAME could be taken as compliance with the requirement of subregulation 43.9(3) to name the person(s) who have performed the work.
  • Involvement of a B2 LAME in annual or 100-hour inspections under Part 43 would be at the discretion of the B1 LAME or IA holder releasing the aircraft to service.
    • if a B2 LAME completes an inspection of the avionics system during an annual or 100-hour inspection and makes an entry, the certifying B1 LAME or IA holder could rely on that certification when completing the approval or disapproval for release to service of the aircraft.

A B2 LAME will be able to set up an avionics component maintenance shop without CASA approval. If the B2 LAME makes a maintenance record entry for a component, the B1 LAME will be able to accept that record as a release to service for the component.

The record entry may be made:

  • in the component records if they exist
  • on a form of the B2 LAMEs own design, or
  • on a blank piece of paper.


The content provided in the information sheet is a guide only as to how the rules may work in practice once Part 43 is made and commences.

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