Role of a B1 LAME in Part 43 – proposed under Part 43

Learn more about the role of the B1 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) once Part 43 is made and commences.

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  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Registered operators
  • CAR30 organisations
  • Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations

Under Part 43, a B1 Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) will be permitted to carry out repairs, inspections and modifications on any system of an aeroplane or helicopter. Restrictions will apply to:

  • helicopter flight controls
  • some avionics maintenance
  • some turbine engine maintenance, and
  • aircraft with a Transport category Certificate of Airworthiness.

Under the flexibility of Part 43, the only Part 66 licence exclusions considered as significant restrictions are E3 Powerplant and E12 Propellers. These licence exclusions require the applicable theory examinations or modules to be passed as outlined below.

The restrictions to expanding licence scope and privileges are:

  • A B1 LAME may perform maintenance on any aircraft (aeroplane or helicopter, piston engined or turbine powered) regardless of the subcategory of their licence subject to the following:
    • to perform or certify powerplant maintenance the B1 LAME must hold the relevant subcategory (B1.1 or B1.3 for turbine engines and B1.2 or B1.4 for piston engine maintenance)

      Note: If they do not hold the appropriate subcategory or their licence is subject to an E3 or E12 exclusion, they may certify for powerplant maintenance tasks if they:
      • hold the engine basic examination credits GA and GB (piston engines) or GG and GH (turbine engines) or a pass in Part 66 licence syllabus module 15 or 16 as applicable, and
      • have demonstrated familiarity with a task as outlined below.
    • To certify for maintenance of helicopter rotor controls, they must either hold a:
      • subcategory B1.3 or B1.4 licence or
      • subcategory B1.1 or B1.2 licence and a credit for CASA basic examination FR (Helicopter controls and systems) or Part 66 licence syllabus module 12 or MEA 308 (Remove and install rotary wing rotor and flight control systems and components)
  • Additionally, under Part 43 a B1 LAME working independently may not:
    • carry out repairs to aircraft instruments. This is restricted to approved maintenance organisations (AMOs), B2 LAMEs or individuals with an appropriate aviation maintenance technician certificate (AMT). This does not prevent the B1 LAME from testing instruments and systems or carrying out maintenance on instrument systems in an aircraft
    • carry out major repairs or modifications to aircraft propellers – this is restricted to AMOs or individuals with AMT1 coverage
    • carry out or certify for completion of major repairs or modifications to avionics systems or components -this is restricted to B2 LAMEs who hold an inspection authorisation (IA)
  • A B1 LAME may not return an aircraft to service after an annual inspection, a stage of a progressive inspection, a major repair or a major modification unless they hold an IA (IA) issued under 61.91
  • A B1 LAME or an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) may not carry out maintenance unless they use, and understand, the relevant manufacturer’s current instructions for performing the maintenance, and they are required to use the methods, techniques, practices and standards specified in the instructions, or other methods techniques, practices and standards acceptable to CASA. These are the foundational performance rules of Part 43 maintenance and are found in rule 43.13.
  • An independent B1 LAME may not release to service an aircraft following scheduled maintenance or major repairs and modifications if the aircraft is type certificated in transport category.

Demonstrating task familiarity

A B1 LAME may demonstrate familiarity with a maintenance task by having:

  • previously performed the task in accordance with regulations in force at the time – this means that if they had satisfactorily performed the task prior to the commencement of Part 43, they will be permitted to continue to perform the task
  • been trained in the task by an appropriately qualified person or
  • satisfactorily performed the task under the supervision of another LAME who meets one of these requirements.

Note: The supervising LAME is not required to make a certification as to the competency of the supervised LAME. It is their responsibility to be satisfied that the maintenance task was carried out in accordance with appropriate data, and the task was completed to an acceptable standard.

Type rated aircraft

Many maintenance tasks that are carried out on a type rated aircraft do not require specialised knowledge or skills beyond those exercised by LAMEs in the normal course of their work.

Many maintenance aspects of mechanical systems, structures and powerplant systems are common to non-type rated aircraft and can therefore be safely performed by any LAME who has carried out similar work on other aircraft types.

If a maintenance task is unique to a type rated aircraft, a LAME who does not hold the relevant aircraft type rating may carry out the maintenance task provided that the maintenance is within the scope of their licence category, and they have established familiarity with the task as described above.

Maintenance of turbine engines

An independent B1 LAME may carry out and certify for completion of scheduled inspections and routine maintenance of a turbine engine.

An independent LAME may not perform or certify for work or repairs that require the overhaul of a turbine engine, turbine engine module or engine accessory component. This includes any tasks or repairs detailed within the turbine engine overhaul manual or the equivalent document.


The content provided in the information sheet is a guide only as to how the rules may work in practice once Part 43 is made and commences.

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