Requirements for maintaining records – proposed under Part 43

Learn more about the requirements to maintain records for an aircraft being operated in private or aerial work and other aircraft to which the proposed general aviation regulations (Part 43 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR)) and the Part 43 Manual of Standards will apply.

Who should read this?

  • Registered operators of aircraft to which Part 43 of CASR applies
  • CAR30 organisations
  • Part 145 approved maintenance organisations
  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers

Maintaining records for an aircraft under Part 43-responsibility

The registered operator (RO) for an aircraft is required to keep records for the aircraft in accordance with requirements set out in the Part 43 Manual of Standards, including in relation to record retention periods. The RO must make the records available to CASA on request.

Details that need to be included in the records

The records must contain the following:

  • a record of total time-in-service for:
    • the aircraft
    • each of the aircraft's engines
    • each of the aircraft's propellers
    • each of the aircraft's rotors
    • aeronautical products for which a mandatory inspection interval, overhaul or mandatory retirement life is specified (see Information sheet — mandatory vs recommended)
  • a description of the system of inspection or inspection program that is in force for the aircraft
  • the required information about empty weight of the aircraft and the loading system prepared for the aircraft
  • records of maintenance carried out on the aircraft (see below)
  • records of modifications that have been made to the aircraft and sufficient information for a person to identify the data that was used for the modification
  • records of any inspections (noting that specific requirements may apply depending upon the kind of inspection).

Most aircraft being operated in private and aerial work will be inspected in accordance with an inspection checklist based on Schedule 1 of the Part 43 Manual of Standards. However, a registered operator may choose to use a different inspection schedule i.e. the aircraft manufacturer's recommended inspection schedule, or a written inspection schedule proposed by the RO and approved by CASA.

If an aircraft is being inspected in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer's recommended inspection schedule, the maintenance records must include specified details of all life-limited parts of the airframe and each engine, propeller or rotor of the aircraft.

CASA approval is not required if an RO elects to use the Part 43 MOS inspection schedule or the manufacturer's recommended inspection schedule.

Records of maintenance

Under the Part 43 Manual of Standards, A person who carries out maintenance on an aircraft or an aeronautical product for an aircraft must include in the maintenance record for the aircraft:

  • a description of the maintenance (including any preventive maintenance) carried out;
  • the date of completion of the maintenance carried out;
  • particulars of each person who carried out the maintenance, including their ARN (if any);
  • the signature, ARN and kind of licence or certificate held by the person certifying the maintenance caried out.

The signature in a maintenance record of the person certifying the maintenance carried out constitutes the approval for return to service of the aircraft or aeronautical product in relation to the maintenance.

A pilot's pre-flight inspection is not to be recorded as maintenance.

The registered operator is responsible for ensuring that these maintenance records and approval for return to service are made before the aircraft is permitted to be flown after maintenance.


The content provided in the information sheet is a guide only as to how the rules may work in practice once Part 43 of CASR and the Part 43 Manual of Standards commence.

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