Amateur-built aircraft – proposed under Part 43

Learn more about how Part 43 will apply to an amateur-built aircraft once the regulation is made and commences.

Who should read this

  • Registered operators
  • Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations
  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Holder of an Aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) certificate

What are the maintenance requirements of an amateur-built aircraft?

Part 43 maintenance performance rules do not apply to amateur-built aircraft.

Any person may carry out maintenance, repairs, or modification to an amateur-built aircraft without the requirement to hold a Part 66 licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME) licence or a Part 43 AMT certificate. The work could be carried out by a motor mechanic, a plumber, or a landscape artist. Regardless of who performs maintenance on an amateur-built aircraft, the registered operator is responsible for ensuring the aircraft is safe for a flight.

When is an inspection of amateur built aircraft required?

An amateur-built aircraft is required to have a condition inspection annually. The inspection is required to cover the scope and detail of Appendix D of Part 43 and must be carried out by any of the following:

  • an approved maintenance organisation (AMO)
  • a B1 LAME
  • the holder of an AMT-2 or AMT-3 Certificate provided the aircraft is in the same class of amateur-built aircraft for which the holder has completed the training.

The aircraft owner must keep maintenance records which establish the inspection status of the aircraft and contain records of rectifications and alterations.

Who is entitled to an AMT- 2 Certificate?

A primary builder (usually known as major portion builder) of an aircraft is entitled to an AMT-2 Certificate. The person issuing the experimental Certificate of airworthiness for the aircraft will issue the AMT certificate to the primary builder.

How is an AMT-3 Certificate issued?

CASA has made provision for an owner of an amateur-built aircraft, who is not the primary builder, to undertake a condition inspection course of training—acceptable to CASA—on a particular class of amateur-built experimental aircraft.

The course must include at least 16 hours instruction in the performance of an annual condition inspection on the aircraft for which the certificate is to be issued. On satisfactory completion of the course, the aircraft owner may be issued with an AMT-3 Certificate by the training provider.

Further information about the operation of the AMT provisions may be found in the:

  • Policy Decision Summary, clauses 65.101 to 65.107 inclusive
  • Information sheet: Aircraft maintenance technician
  • Information sheet: Maintenance of Amateur built aircraft and LSA.


The content provided in the information sheet is a guide only as to how the rules may work in practice once Part 43 is made and commences.

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