Aircraft maintenance technician certificates – proposed under Part 43

Learn more about how aircraft maintenance technician certificates will work in practice once Part 43 is made and commences.

Who should read this

  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Registered Operators
  • CAR30 organisations
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Holders of authorisations under CAR 33B or subregulation 42ZC (6)

What is an aircraft maintenance technician certificate?

An aircraft maintenance technician certificate (AMTC) is an individual authorisation to perform or supervise maintenance of an aircraft, engine, propeller or appliance and authorise its return to service.

The certificates supplement the Part 66 licence structure and provide for maintenance authorisations to be issued to individuals who have a particular set of skills that are recognised as valuable to the aircraft maintenance sector but do not hold a part 66 licence.

The certificates will allow for appropriately qualified individuals to perform targeted maintenance activities without the need for oversight by a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME) or maintenance organisation approval.

What types of AMTCs are available?

CASA will introduce five types of certificates based on the FAA-style repairman certificates as set out in Subpart E of FAR Part 65. The certificates are:

  • AMTC 1 CASA defined
  • AMTC 2 Experimental Aircraft Builder
  • AMTC 3 Inspection, Amateur-built and Light Sport Aircraft
  • AMTC 4 Light Sport aircraft- Maintenance
  • AMTC 5 Special (for maintainers of limited category aircraft).

This information sheet provides more detail on the AMTC 1 CASA defined certificate. For more information about the three Experimental/ LSA AMT certificates, read the Amateur-built aircraft and the Light sport aircraft information sheet.

What are the eligibility requirements for an AMTC 1 CASA defined authorisation?

To be eligible for an AMTC 1 an individual must be:

  • at least 18 years of age
  • able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language, and have either completed:
    • at least 18 months of practical experience in procedures, practices, inspection methods, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in the maintenance duties for which the person is to be certificated
    • formal training that is acceptable to CASA and is specifically designed to qualify the applicant for the certificate being sought.

Documented evidence of the individual's experience and or training must be provided. Records of experience must contain traceable work details and supporting certifications by individuals who can verify the claims made.

Training records in the form of TAFE results or Part 147 maintenance training organisation (MTO) results will only be acceptable if the training included "hands on" or supervised task performance in addition to theoretical training.

Allied trades experience will be accepted on a case by case basis.

How do I apply for an AMTC 1?

Once you have met the eligibility requirements an application for an AMTC 1 can be made to Manager General Aviation Section.

What are the privileges of an AMTC 1 authorisation?

The holder of an AMTC 1 authorisation:

  • may perform or supervise the maintenance, preventive maintenance, or modification of aircraft or aircraft components as specified on the certificate
  • will be treated as an independent maintainer and is not required to hold a part 66 licence, nor are they required to work under an organisation approval.

Are there any limitations to an AMTC 1?

Yes. The holder of an AMTC 1 may not:

  • perform maintenance on an aircraft or component that is not specified on the certificate
  • perform or supervise duties under the certificate unless the holder of the certificate has access to and understands the manufacturer's instructions for continued airworthiness relating to the specific operations concerned. They must also have access to any specialised tools or test equipment required for performance of the maintenance.

What CASA defined certificates will be available?

An AMTC can be issued for any maintenance activity however CASA will initially make provision for:

  • AMTC 1 Engine overhaul
  • AMTC 1 Aircraft welding
  • AMTC 1 Propeller overhaul
  • AMTC 1 Component maintenance.

AMTC I Engine/Propeller overhaul

CASA acknowledges that some providers of component and engine/propeller maintenance will not require a Part 145 approval if they do not wish to service air transport operators. In particular, overhaulers who service niche markets such as historic, warbird, antique and replica aircraft may find a good "fit" with the AMTC.

Note: applicants for an AMTC which provides for overhaul and release to service of engines, propellers or components, will be required to show evidence that they hold or have use of any required data, special tooling, jigs and test equipment for the purpose.

AMTC 1 Component maintenance (hydraulic components/magnetos/generators and alternators/ propellers etc)

This certificate will provide individuals, who currently carry out component maintenance under a CAR 30 approval, with an opportunity to continue to do so as an aircraft maintenance technician if they do not wish to employ an LAME or transition to Part 145 approved maintenance organisation.

Other possible AMTC 1 uses

If there is a need for AMTC authorisation to perform other specialised maintenance such as turbine engine borescope inspections and PT6 hot section inspections CASA will issue an appropriate AMTC if an applicant meets the eligibility requirements.


The content provided in the information sheet is a guide only as to how the rules may work in practice once Part 43 is made and commences.

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