Sector safety risk profiles

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Sector safety risk profiling identifies potential risks to safe operation of aircraft within an aviation sector.

Many factors go into risk profiling including:

  • giving due consideration to factors in a sector’s operating environment
  • use of supporting infrastructure and services
  • deviations associated with the growth and change in the sector.

About sector safety risk profiles

A sector is a homogenous group of operators conducting the same or similar activities using:

  • similar aircraft types
  • comparable organisations
  • environmental challenges
  • operations.

A sector safety risk profile (SSRP) presents a picture of key risks within the sector at a specific point in time.

SSRPs receive updates over time to reflect changes in the sector and the operating environment.

An SSRP identifies current and emerging aviation safety issues, hazards, and associated risks specific to each sector. An SSRP uses:

  • safety-related data
  • surveys and industry knowledge
  • experience of sector participants.

How you can use SSRPs

SSRPs inform CASA’s understanding of the aviation risk context and also:

  • complements oversight and analysis activities
  • supports decision-making.

The SSRP informs you of issues, hazards and associated risks arising in your sector. It also provides suggested actions that operators can put into place to address potential threats to safe operations.

CASA encourages using SSRPs to inform your risk management activities. This helps make sure you are managing emerging and current risks in the sector.

Each SSRP consists of contextual information. This information is important to help users understand the risks within the sector. They include:

  • sector operation regulations outline the types of controls that need to be in place
  • safety performance to date. This shows previous safety occurrences in the sector and provide insight into where safety issues have happened. Sector participants can use this data to make sure they have adequate controls in place to address similar circumstances within their organisation
  • sector threats / issues / hazards / section. This section shows issues currently affecting the sector. It provides suggested actions for sector participants and advises where CASA is taking action. This section is useful for industry to consider their risk controls and mitigation strategies in accordance with their usual risk management practices.

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