Air operator's certificate handbook volume 3 — airworthiness

You must have an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) if you intend to conduct any:

  • commercial activities
  • foreign air transport operations
  • certain flying training.

Read how to apply for an AOC.

When applying for an AOC, you must satisfy us that you comply or are capable of complying with the safety rules under the Act and regulations to manage the airworthiness aspects of your operation.

The following operations must meet our airworthiness requirements:

  • charter
  • general aviation
  • aerial work.

You must also provide evidence to show that you meet all airworthiness requirements for the aircraft and the operations.

The AOC Handbook is part of the AOC Manual Suite and supports the AOC Process Manual.

This handbook, together with the other documents in the AOC Manual Suite, aim to establish transparency in our decision-making process.

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