Regulatory areas

There are 6 regulatory areas considered in the ongoing development of Australia’s future remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) regulatory framework.

These regulatory areas will guide the implementation of the activities in this roadmap:

Along with the activities outlined in this roadmap, there are also 3 overarching supporting activities that will also take place.

Digital enablement

As the RPAS and AAM industries grow, it's important our administrative processes and approval times keep pace.

In addition to this, digital enablement plays an important role in the operational environment and the evolution of risk-based regulation.

Technology and digital tools will be important in supporting faster processing times and reducing some of the regulatory oversight.

Regulatory sandboxes

We will use regulatory sandboxes to work with industry to test and understand novel products, services and concepts, and identify and assess new risks. This will be done in a safe, controlled and time-limited environment to inform development of RPAS and AAM regulations.

These sandboxes will help us update and develop regulations to benefit the RPAS and AAM sectors and maintain an acceptable level of safety.


RPAS and AAM must be operated in a way that is consistent with community expectations however, it may be difficult to balance this against the industry’s desire to innovate and grow unless there is an appropriate level of social licence.

Alongside industry and other government agencies, we will continue to play a role in building community understanding and promoting engagement between operators and the communities in which they operate.

Published date: 3 June 2022
Online version available at:
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