Safety Management Systems (SMS) for air operators

Date published: 21 August 2022


The first step to develop your organisation’s Safety Management System (SMS) is to create an SMS implementation plan that is structured towards the SMS regulatory requirements and your operations.

Maintenance engineers inspecting a part for an aircraft

A structured SMS implementation plan assists your organisation to develop your SMS by providing a description of the persons, resources, tasks and processes required for your organisation’s SMS implementation, and a timeline to achieve these tasks.

Your organisation’s SMS planning should consider the specific needs of your organisation in terms of size, complexity, and types of operations. An SMS is not a ‘off the shelf’ product, therefore the implementation plan and SMS should be developed by your key safety staff.

To plan for the implementation of your SMS you will need to:

  • Review your organisation’s practices and systems in place against the SMS regulatory requirements (a gap analysis)
  • Identify personnel, resources and task allocation required for your SMS implementation
  • Consider the safety manager regulatory requirements when determining your requirements for a safety manager
  • Create a timeline for each SMS implementation process, from implementation plan submission (2 December 2022) to submission of SMS exposition content (3 June 2024)

Organisations can develop their own gap analysis and implementation plan to commence development of SMS elements.

Once your SMS implementation plan has been submitted to CASA by 2 December 2022 you can commence developing your SMS exposition content aligned with your SMS implementation plan.

Not sure where to start? Visit our Safety Management Systems page.

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