Transitioning to the Part 131 Manual of Standards

Rule change

The Part 131 regulations have been in effect since 2 December 2021. However, the supporting Part 131 Manual of Standards (MOS) has not been available. We have supplemented these regulations by providing requirements in Civil Aviation Orders (CAOs):

The Part 131 MOS is now available and will come into effect on 12 November 2024.

Repealing and amending CAOs

Along with the new MOS, we will also amend or repeal the following CAOs.

CAO 95.53

We will repeal CAO 95.53 on 12 November 2024.

CAO 95.54

We will substantially amend CAO 95.54. This includes removing the elements that temporarily substituted for the MOS. We will retain the elements enabling us to undertake the administration of private ballooning that was previously conducted by the Australian Ballooning Federation (ABF). 

Guide for balloons and hot air airships

We recommend all balloonists read our Guide for balloons and hot air airships, which outlines in simpler language:

  • Part 131 regulations
  • Part 131 MOS
  • Part 91 content applicable to Part 131 aircraft 
  • Part 131 aircraft continuing airworthiness requirements. 

The guide is available in 2 versions: 

For recreational balloon activities

Private balloon pilots should be aware of:

For balloon AOC holders

There are two kinds of balloon AOC holders:

  • Balloon transport AOC holders (former charter).
  • Commercial balloon flying training AOC holders.

There are very few changes in the Part 131 MOS that affect day-to-day flying for these AOC holders. 

All balloon AOC holders must ensure their documented procedures and processes are compliant with the new MOS by 12 November 2024.

There are 2 options for balloon AOC holders to ensure compliance with the Part 131 MOS. 

  • For all balloon AOC holders: amend their existing exposition or operations manual.
  • For balloon transport AOC holders: use the sample CASR Part 131 balloon transport operation exposition to develop a compliant exposition. This is an alternative to amending their existing exposition or operations manual.

Submission deadlines and requirements

If an operator determines they need to amend their documented procedures and processes they should provide the following documents to us by 12 November 2024.

For operators holding commercial balloon flying training and balloon transport AOCs 

For operators holding both a commercial balloon flying training AOC and a balloon transport AOC, all of the following:

  • A compliant balloon transport exposition and balloon flying training operations manual, or a compliant single document if that covers both.
  • At the operator’s discretion, either a single self-assessment checklist covering both AOCs, or separate checklists for each AOC. Please note: the checklist does not cover rules specific to commercial balloon flying training such as CAR Part 5 and CAO 82.7 and others. These rules are not changing with the start of the MOS.
  • In relation to the balloon transport documentation you can use either:

For operators only holding a balloon transport AOC

For operators only holding a balloon transport AOC, all of the following:

We will work directly with balloon AOC holders to support operators preparing for the transition.

To help balloon AOC holders understand and comply with the operational requirements, we have published a range of resources. You can find them listed in ‘Related content’ at the bottom of this page.

To learn more about the overarching framework for the Part 131 rules, watch our information session.

Online version available at:
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