Get help updating your manual or exposition

The flight operations regulations have commenced.

To help support operators transition to the new rules, we created key operational changes guides. These include key changes to the rules and suggested text to help you update your manual or exposition.

About the key operational changes guides

The guides set out the changes to the rules that most affect the general flying rules and commercial operations.

These are operations covered by Parts 91, 119, 121, 133, 135 and 138 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR).

The guides show:

  • what changes commenced on 2 December 2021
  • when other changes commence (known as deferred provisions)
  • what you need to do under the new rules
  • suggested text to update your operational documents.

Structure of the guides

There are several tables in the guides. The main table shows the changes that commenced on 2 December 2021. If you are not currently operating and have not transitioned to the new rules, you should focus your efforts on these changes.

Other tables in the guides show changes that are deferred. We have summarised these deferred changes at the top of the document for easy reference.

Many of the tables also included some suggested text for your operational documents. You do not have to follow this advice and should make sure that the suggested text is suitable for your operations.

Make sure you read the relevant advisory material relevant to your operations when updating your manual suite.

How to use the guides

  1. Determine all the CASR parts you will be operating under. You will be operating under more than one part.

  2. Review the relevant key changes guide against your current operations manual. This will help you update key parts of your manual.

  3. Review any suggested manual text in the righthand column of the guides. Not every key change has suggested text, particularly where the procedure is highly dependent on the specific nature of the operations.

    • Consider whether the suggested text is suitable for your operations and change it to meet your requirements.
    • If a new requirement in the key changes guide affects your operations but does not have suggested text, then you will need to draft your own procedure
  4. Add the changes to your existing manual or create a new document that can become an annex to your manual. Delete any old procedures.

When you submit your documents to transition to the new rules, we are looking for your best endeavours. We want you to do as much as you reasonable can to ensure you can continue to operate safety. We will work with you to fully transition to the new rules.

Who the guides apply to

The suggested text in the guides will be of particular use to smaller operators. It does not require specialised document writing expertise.

The guides assume you:

  • will be taking advantage of all the deferred provisions available to you
  • do not operate foreign registered aircraft
  • have separated the CEO and Head of Operations/Head of Flying Operations responsibilities. They can be the one individual, but you may need to change the suggested text to reflect this
  • have already amended your operational documentation to adopt the procedures for Management of Change and Aerial Work Passengers (if applicable).
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11 Jul 2022
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