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Consultation with industry and the public

This page describes how we collaborate with the aviation industry when developing new or amended rules, and provides a summary of our process for consulting industry and the public on the proposed changes.

Working with the aviation community

CASA is committed to working cooperatively with the aviation community to maintain and enhance aviation safety. This is especially important when we develop or make changes to the rules.

The Standards Consultative Committee (SCC) is the focal point for our regulatory consultations with the aviation community. It is a joint industry-CASA forum that brings together representatives from a diverse range of aviation industry and other groups, to make recommendations to CASA on the development of regulations, standards and associated advisory material.

The SCC also nominates industry subject matter experts to work together with CASA staff in subordinate groups (sub-committees, working groups and project teams) on the detailed development of (or amendment to) aviation safety rules.

Public consultation on proposed changes

We are required to publicly consult on all proposed legislative changes that will affect business or restrict competition. We consult with government departments, commercial organisations, industrial and consumer groups, bodies representing the aviation industry, and other relevant bodies and organisations.

How we consult

Generally, we use three forms of consultation:

  • preliminary consultation on options during the policy development stage, through a discussion paper (DP)
  • consultation once the policy and associated advisory/procedural materials have been developed, through a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM)
  • consultation once the policy has been prepared as draft legislation, through a consultation draft (CD).

We notify the public of proposed policy or rule changes through the CASA website and consultation and rule making mailing list. For significant changes, we also advertise in the print media and on social media.

If you send us a submission within the public consultation period, we will consider your feedback and make appropriate changes before the proposed rule is submitted to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development for approval and subsequent making by the Governor-General.

What we do with your comments

We keep a record of all submissions received, as well as our decision on how to address the issues and comments contained in each submission. When reviewing submissions, we are interested in the quality of the comment (i.e. how the comment addresses safety risks and how those risks should be mitigated). If a number of respondents make the same comment, they will be addressed in an identical manner or consolidated and treated as a single response.

A notice of final rule making (NFRM) - incorporating a summary of responses (SOR) - is prepared in response to an NPRM. It contains a consolidation of the comments received and our disposition of the comments. We make NFRMs and SORs available to the general public; availability is notified in the print media, on the CASA website and via the consultation and rulemaking subscriber mailing list.

Depending on the level of interest in a consultation draft, we may either issue an NFRM or directly respond to each submission.

We usually prepare an SOR in response to a DP. If the outcome of a DP is that no policy change will be made, we release a standalone SOR to complete the consultation process. Otherwise, the SOR will usually be incorporated in a subsequent NPRM.