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Consultation with industry and the public

We work cooperatively with the aviation community to maintain and enhance aviation safety. This is especially important when we develop or make changes to the rules.

Public consultation on proposed changes

We are required to consult on all proposed legislative changes that will affect business or change the competitive landscape. We consult with government departments, commercial organisations, industrial and consumer groups, bodies representing the aviation industry, and other relevant bodies and organisations.

How we consult

We approach the public during the development of a regulation or policy through our Consultation Hub and consultation and rule making mailing list. Consultation typically includes:

  • discussion papers during the policy development stage
  • summaries of consultation following consideration by the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) and tasked technical working group (TWG).

If you send us a submission within the public consultation period, we will consider your feedback and make any appropriate changes before the proposed rule is submitted to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport for approval.

How to submit feedback

To help us collate and consider all comment, please submit your feedback using the online response form.

The information requested in the form may vary, but will usually ask for:

  1. limited personal information, such as your name and contact email
  2. your view about particular issues in the form of answers to survey questions
  3. an option to provide general or more detailed feedback in a submission document (Word or PDF file upload)

Providing a detailed submission

We welcome detailed submissions and feedback on issues that may not be covered in the survey questions. If you choose to provide a detailed submission, it should address the questions and purpose of the consultation.

When preparing a submission, please don't include:

  • personal information that you don't want published, other than your name (or letterhead)
  • information of a commercially sensitive nature
  • information that identifies another individual or organisation
  • offensive or defamatory remarks.

Providing confidential feedback

In order to promote debate and transparency, we prefer that feedback is provided in a way that does not require confidentiality; however, we accept that there may be occasions when you may want to provide information in confidence.

Please consider if you can structure your response to keep only some parts confidential. If confidentiality is requested for only parts of a submission, you can submit this information as a separate confidential entry so that we may publish the non-confidential parts of your response.

Where confidentiality is requested for an entire response, we will not publish your name or organisation details. We will not disclose confidential submissions to other parties unless required by law.

Any request for access to a confidential submission is determined in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982, which has provisions designed to protect sensitive information given in confidence.

How we handle your feedback

We will make all submissions publicly available unless a respondent requests that their submission remain confidential (see above). If necessary, CASA may in its discretion redact or not publish submissions that contain sensitive information, information that identifies other parties, offensive material or submissions that do not address the subject of consultation.

We will publish a summary of consultation when all submissions have been reviewed and we have reached a policy position. This will summarise the feedback received, detail our plans for future policy, and outline any further consultation or planned rule making on this subject.

If we do change the rules, information will be available in the Explanatory Statement that is published with the final rule on the Federal Register of Legislation. You can subscribe to our consultation and rule making mailing list to be notified of future consultation or rule making on this subject.

Last modified: 23 June 2019