Royal Easter Show drone display approved for lift off

Date published: 11 April 2022


Sydney’s 200th Royal Easter Show kicked off with a bang, surprising attendees with a 200-strong drone light display at Olympic Park.

A swarm of drones in the night sky, making the image of a man on a motorbike driving through a ring of fire with their lights

The display featured many agricultural images, reflecting the shows rural origins, and is set to take flight every night from Friday 8 April to Tuesday 19 April as part of the evening entertainment at the GIANTS stadium.

CASA has been working closely with the organisers and operators to make sure the display met regulations as this was the first time a drone display has been included as part of the show’s events.

Checks to gain the required approvals are part of CASA’s remit to regulate aviation safety, ensuring safe and legal drone operations that protect those watching from the ground and also other aircraft in the air.

Remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) inspector, Phillip Chadd, assessed the application and conducted the on-site review of procedures prior to opening night.

Safe skies for all is our vision and it’s something we work towards in everything we do. Our assessments and checks play a big part in this as they provide us the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the operator’s safety procedures and to provide feedback to address any issues,’ Mr Chadd said.

‘Safety underpins everything we do, so it’s important we work together with operators to get safety procedures and processes right.’

‘As drone displays are still relatively new in Australia, another big part of our role is to promote a positive and collaborative culture within this emerging industry,’ Mr Chadd said.

‘Taking the time to go through regulations and expectations with operators means they will have a firm understanding of what’s required to gain CASA approval – making their next application quicker and easier.’

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