We're introducing a new forum for the aviation community, FlySafe.

Aimed at aviation organisations, clubs, schools and aviation stakeholders, the program includes speakers from:

  • CASA
  • Airservices
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau
  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Department of Defence
  • industry representatives.

COVID-19 advice

We’ll be following state and territory guidelines and working closely with the venues to provide sensible precautions such as arranging seating to give extra space and making hand sanitiser available.

If you’re unwell with a cough or fever or other respiratory symptoms, we ask you to please not attend. If you have recently travelled internationally, we would also appreciate if you could review and follow any Department of Health advice relevant to you.

Forum schedule

For the list of FlySafe events, please see:

FlySafe events

Flysafe Brisbane - Agenda

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Venue: Broncos Leagues Club, Red Hill Brisbane

FlySafe Brisbane agenda on Wednesday 25 May 2022
Time Activity Topic Presenter







Executive Manager, Stakeholder Engagement

Andreas Marcelja – CASA - Executive Manager, Stakeholder Engagement


Session One

Demystifying SMS

Safety Management System, learn how everyday practices can enhance business practices and safety culture. This session is open to all aspects of the aviation community; no matter which area you work in, SMS is valuable to everyone.

Ashley McAlpine – CASA Safety Performance Specialist


Session Two (A)

Agency Updates

  1. Bureau of Meteorology (Includes local weather patterns brief)
  2. Airservices Australia
  1. Cathy Kingston / Michael Paech
  2. Craig Charker


Morning Tea




Session Two (B)

Agency Updates (Continued) 

  1. Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  2. Department of Defence - Includes Military ATC
  3. CASA
  1. Mike Wytcherley
  2. WGCDR Nikki Olsen
  3. Rob Walker/ Karen Blair


Session Three


Reflex to reaction

Hear from an aviation doctor on how our motor-skills and cognitive functions change as a result of fatigue and ageing. Learn the impact this has on various roles in aviation. There is no reason to stop flying, but you may not be a quick as you used to be.

Dr Patricia Beresford – CASA Senior Aviation Medical Officer


Alternative Session Three

The Future of Airspace

The OAR sets airspace classifications and determines air traffic service levels. Learn about the work underway to support Australia’s future aviation.

Andrew Rumbell – CASA Manager Airspace Strategy



Networking Lunch



Session Four

Safety before goods… the dangerous kind!

Some things are not meant to fly - knowing what and how to get permission does not have to be difficult. Hear from a Dangerous Goods expert on the carriage of fuel, batteries and how we are handling the movement of COVID-19 vaccines by air. Hear an update on the future of Part 92.

Sam Bitossi – CASA Dangerous Goods Inspector


Alternative Session Four

Helicopters– Challenging the unchanged nature

Airbus Helicopters are confronting the unchanging nature of global helicopter accident and fatality rates by highlighting the statistics, case studies and overall aims of their global safety program.

Chris Lea – Airbus Senior Manager Aviation Safety


Session Five

You gotta keep ‘em separated

Drones are now routinely operating in the same airspace as conventionally piloted aircraft. Staying separated is everyone's responsibility. Hear from an operator on how to mitigate these challenges.

Rowan Kimber – AviAssist RPAS – Head of legal and professional services



Session Five

DAMP if you do, DAMP if you don’t

Removing myths and misconceptions about drug and alcohol management plans (DAMP) and discussing the safety benefits of a DAMP for your organisation. This session will present some useful resources on developing a DAMP and inform on some upcoming regulatory changes.

Jorge Lobarinas – CASA Drug and Alcohol Management Plan Specialist


Session Six

Reality Check

Step through a major Australian accident through the lens of an ASTB investigator. From site evidence right up to the conclusion and what lessons can be learnt to prevent this from occurring again.

Eric Blankenstein – ATSB – Senior Transport Safety Investigator


Session Seven

Innovating the new aviation norm

The past few years have presented many challenges for air transport operators – large and small. Hear from Alliance Airlines about how they adapted and managed operational requirements as the environment changed rapidly

Lee Schofield – Alliance Airlines Executive Director



Executive Manager, Stakeholder Engagement

Andreas Marcelja - CASA Executive Manager Stakeholder Engagement

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16 May 2022
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