Enhancing pilot skills webinar - expect the unexpected

The Enhancing pilot skills seminar explored key topics to help pilots prepare for unexpected events and assist decision making in all phases of flight.

Expect the unexpected

In this video, Kirstie Winter, Aviation Safety Advisor (ASA) explores three key safety topics:

  1. Planning for safety - the more work pilots do on the ground before they go flying, can result in a better flight:
    • What are your responsibilities ?
    • What are the consequences of not planning?
    • Several case studies explore examples of the effects of planning.
  2. Aeronautical decision making:
    • What are some of the traps to decision making?
    • What models can we use to assist in decision making?
  3. Checklists - the importance of a disciplined approach to their use.
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/education-and-training/seminars-and-workshops/enhancing-pilot-skills-webinar-expect-unexpected
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