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Online tools and apps

Our online tools and apps are outlined on this page.

CASA Self Service

Aviation Reference Number (ARN) holders can use CASA Self Service to access individual information and complete a range of online activities.

Online store

A large range of booklets, brochures, DVD’s, posters and training kits are  available from our online store.


AviationWorx is our online learning and registration system.


OnTrack is our visual flight rules (VFR) pre-flight planning tool.

Manual authoring and assessment tool

Use the manual authoring and assessment tool (MAAT) to write and submit manuals or expositions for assessment.


Watch Out-n-Back, our ten part video series following a VFR flight in a Cessna 172 and G8 Airvan.

New Flight test notification system

As part of ongoing efforts to make our system more user friendly for examiners, we will be releasing a new Flight Test Management system (FTM) from July 2017. This will replace the current Flight Test Notification System. The new system will provide benefits and efficiencies to users.

Learn more about FTM and what changes to expect when notifying flight tests.

In the meantime use the flight test notification system (FTNS) for notification of all flight tests for the issue of aeroplane, helicopter or balloon flight crew licences or ratings.

Flight Safety Australia app

Read our bimonthly digital magazine on your smart phone or tablet.

Can I pack that? - Dangerous goods app

Information about what you can and can’t pack in your luggage.

Online payments

Pay your licence flight crew or maintenance, medical certificate, aircraft registration, AVID and ASIC fees online.

MRS online

 Apply for an aviation medical certificate through the online medical records system.