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Publications and resources


Information sheets and checklists

We have developed a series of quick reference guides covering a range of aviation safety topics.

Information sheets

  • Aviation medicine
    Assist pilots and air traffic controllers to access and understand information regarding the aeromedical impacts of some health conditions.
  • Drug and alcohol management plans
    Help organisations to comply with the requirements of drug and alcohol management plans (CASR Part 99).
  • Drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA)
    Basic rules for RPAs and details on getting a remote pilot licence (RePL) and an RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC).
  • Fatigue management
    Understand and apply the fatigue rules.
  • Flight crew licensing
    Find out how new licensing rules will apply in practice.
  • Registration of aircraft
    Learn about rules for registering, transferring and cancelling registration on an aircraft on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register.
  • Sport aviation
    Learn about rules for individuals and organisations involved in sport aviation.


  • Advice for air travellers
    Plan your trip with this checklist on how to prepare and travel on aircraft.
  • Aviation medical renewal
    Step-by-step advice on what pilots and air traffic controllers need to know and action for their particular renewal process.
  • Ramp checks
    Learn about the inspection of documentation, preparation for flight and assessment of your aircraft.
Last updated: 14 July 2017