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Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia, CASA's flagship aviation safety magazine, is available online and in print format (via subscription).

Topical, technical, but reader-friendly, articles written by a team of local and international contributors cover all the key aviation safety issues – safety management systems, human factors, maintenance, runway safety, airspace, training, aviation medicine, drones – and more. The ever-popular close calls (including audio collection) see readers sharing stories where they have learnt a hard-won lesson on aviation safety so others can learn as well. And the quizzes cover VFR, IFR, maintenance, drones, helicopters, ground handling and cabin safety, so readers can test their knowledge on all things aviation. Even if you don’t know the answers, you’ll learn from the explanations in the answer section.

According to a reader survey, a vast majority of readers (95%) said Flight Safety Australia increased their knowledge and awareness of aviation safety issues, and 85% said it influenced them to become safer in their aviation role. Almost 90% of current readers surveyed said they would recommend it to other people in the industry.

Subscribe to Flight Safety Australia print magazine

Flight Safety Australia is available as a glossy magazine printed and delivered to your door.

Published four times a year – March, June, September and December.

Each issue is 64 pages packed with feature articles and news, historical crash analysis, accident reports, close calls, quizzes and a new, high impact ‘crash comic’.

We have two subscription options:

  • $39 / year (you save 10%)
  • $11 / quarter with no lock in period

Both options include free postage and handling within Australia.

Visit the online store to subscribe today.

Flight Safety Australia online

The Flight Safety Australia website includes all the features of the print magazine and is updated regularly with unique ‘digital only’ content (including topical news, safety videos, audio close calls and more). You can also comment on articles and see what others are saying.

Sign up to keep up!

Visit the Flight Safety Australia website to sign-up for email alerts when new content is published online.

Send us your close call

Everyone has had at least one incident or accident that has taught them a lasting lesson about aviation safety. That’s a close call – a hard-won lesson too valuable to keep to yourself.

Flight Safety Australia wants to hear about your close calls. Write to us about an aviation incident or accident that you have been involved in (as long as it’s not the subject of a current official investigation).

You can submit your close call two ways – either over the phone or by writing it up and emailing it to us. If your story is published, we’ll send you a $250 gift voucher for over the phone or $500 for a written story. 

Flight Safety Australia provides a safe space to share your story and can be anonymous.

Close calls can be from any sector of aviation – from paragliders to airline transport, including all types of rotary wing aircraft. We’d also love to hear from non-pilots – ground handling, cabin safety, maintenance, aerodrome personnel and more.

Articles should be between 450 and 1400 words. Get in touch with the team by emailing fsa@casa.gov.au.

Flight Safety Australia 2018 Collectors’ Edition

The Flight Safety Australia 2018 Collectors’ Edition is a printed compilation of the feature articles, contributor stories, general articles and close calls published online in 2018. It is available at the CASA online store ($15 postage and handling fee applies).

The 2016 and 2017 Collectors’ Editions are still in stock, and when combined with the 2018 edition, you can get 480 pages of aviation stories for a single shipping fee of $15! Visit the CASA online store to place your order.

Past issues

For past issues of Flight Safety Australia from October 2013 to present day please visit our archive.

Aviation Safety Digest

Flight Safety Australia’s predecessor, Aviation Safety Digest, was published by the Department of Civil Aviation, Accident investigation and Analysis Branch from 1953 to 1991.

A historical archive has been created in the interest of preserving history and is available on the Australian Transport Safety Bureau website.

Last modified: 3 September 2021