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Industry publications

The Aviation industry is a vast, important and ever-changing industry. There are several publications available that aim to keep you up to date with current industry related information.

Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia is our flagship aviation safety magazine. It’s available via print subscription (4 issues per year) and online.

It's full of easy to read articles related to key aspects of aviation safety including:

  • safety management systems
  • maintenance
  • airspace
  • training
  • technology
  • drones.

Check out the 'close calls' section to learn about some hard-won aviation safety lessons learnt by our readers and send us your 'close call' story for a chance to win $500!

You can also test your safety knowledge with our fun and informative fortnightly quizzes.

The CASA Briefing

The CASA Briefing provides an easy to understand overview of key safety regulatory issues.

Regulatory wrap-up

The Regulatory wrap-up provides a clear summary of any aviation regulatory updates and changes made over the previous month.

Last modified: 25 July 2019