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Apps and tools

We have developed a range of tools and mobile apps to help you easily access useful information and advice.


Drone safety app

Flying a drone? Do you know where it's safe to fly? Learn about and see maps of where you can and can't fly your drone by using a Drone safety app.

Can I pack that?

Taking a flight? Are the items in your luggage safe to fly? Learn about potential risks and how to make sure your luggage contents are safe to take on a flight with our Can I pack that? app.



The OnTrack website is no longer available.


Out-n-Back is a ten-part video series providing tips and advice from experts about keeping you safe and legal in unfamiliar territory. Take an epic 6000km Visual Flight Rules flight through some of Queensland's most isolated locations and see a 'pilot's seat view' of these incredible landscapes.

Last modified: 12 August 2019