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CNS/ATM Resource guide

Date of Publication: 
13 November 2017
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This Resource guide and Workbook have been developed by CASA as a guide to operating in Australian airspace, with particular emphasis on satellite-based navigation and surveillance. They are part of a kit designed for both self- and class-based instruction, providing a foundation level of knowledge for the aviation community.

Who should use this resource kit?

This kit is designed for:

  • flying training organisations
  • all pilots-civilian and military
  • remotely piloted aircraft (drone) operators
  • air traffic controllers
  • licensed aviation maintenance engineers
  • avionics engineers
  • aviation management
  • human factors specialists.

How to use this resource guide

This guide is part of a resource kit that also includes:

  • a practical workbook
  • a DVD featuring aviation safety videos on a range of CNS/ATM topics
  • electronic copies of this guide, workbook and videos are available from www.casa.gov.au/cnsatm

We encourage members of the aviation community to use the kit as part of their individual professional development. Organisations are encouraged to use it to develop training packages or self-contained sessions.

Additional resources and information

Please visit the CNS/ATM section of the CASA website or email cns@casa.gov.au.

CNS/ATM describes a new approach to integrated air traffic management (ATM) in the satellite age.

It brings together voice, satellite and digital Communications, performance-based Navigation (PBN) and automatic dependent Surveillance broadcast (ADS-B), as well as ground-based systems such as radar and fixed navaids.

This chapter provides an introduction to CNS/ATM, explores its benefits and components and outlines the relevant rules and regulations.

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