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ZUR Aircraft Register 1 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia CARDUP Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF O-360-A1A Piston Power Driven Aeroplane RV8 TEXTRON LYCOMING VAN'S RV-8 WA
ZMS Aircraft Register 1 Australia BATEMANS BAY France Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF O-360 Piston Power Driven Aeroplane S.O.C.A.T.A.-GROUPE AEROSPATIALE TB-10 TEXTRON LYCOMING TOBA NSW
ZKN Aircraft Register 1 172 3A12 Australia BULIMBA C172 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF O-360-A1A Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America Qld
ZIX Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-92 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF O-360-A1A Piston Power Driven Aeroplane RV6 SOMERVILLE TEXTRON LYCOMING VAN'S RV-6 Vic
ZCZ Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-92 AERO SPORT POWER AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF IO-360-B1B MITCHELTON Piston Power Driven Aeroplane RV6 VAN'S RV-6A Qld
YYY Aircraft Register 1 2A3 Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF IO-360 (LYCOMING) M20J M20P MAROOCHYDORE MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America Qld
YOY Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-92 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT ARMSTRONG CREEK Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF O-360-A1A Piston Power Driven Aeroplane RV6 TEXTRON LYCOMING VAN'S RV-6A Vic
YEE Aircraft Register 1 2A3 Australia DUNCRAIG Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF IO-360 (LYCOMING) M20J M20P MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TENTERFIELD TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America NSW WA
XZY Aircraft Register 1 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Bells Bridge Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF IO-360-A1B6 Piston Power Driven Aeroplane RV8 TEXTRON LYCOMING VAN'S RV-8 Qld
XYB Aircraft Register 1 Australia France Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF O-360 Piston Power Driven Aeroplane S.O.C.A.T.A.-GROUPE AEROSPATIALE STAFFORD TB-10 TEXTRON LYCOMING TOBA Qld
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//propellor-models/hc-c2yk-1bf
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