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Project OS 12/44 - Amendment to CAO 95.4 .1 - Exemption from provisions of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 - gliders engaged in charter operations

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Flight Operations
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Closure notes

Project closed 3 July 2013.

Project completed 5 March 2013.


CAO 95.4.1 sets out the exemptions and the associated conditions under which gliding charter activities are conducted in Australia. The CAO is silent on the topic of maintenance of gliders that are affected by CAO 95.4.1.

Current policy and practice has been that gliders would be exempt from maintenance regulations provided that Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) Manual of Standard Procedures Part 3 Airworthiness is complied with.

CAO 100.17 was the document that previously provided the necessary exemption for gliders that were maintained under the rules of the GFA and the requirement for compliance with GFA manuals.

When CAO 100.17 was repealed in 2008 , the maintenance provisions were lost resulting in an unintended consequence requiring that all gliders operated in charter must be maintained in accordance with part 4A of CAR. This is not current CASA policy and has not been since the early 1980's. It is impractical to maintain gliders outside of GFA control: the necessary expertise and infrastructure have been developed and reside within the GFA.

This amendment is to include the applicability of maintenance provisions formerly contained in CAO 100.17.

Project Objective

The minor changes are intended to reinstate the maintenance provisions that were formerly set out in CAO 100.17.

Rules affected

CAO 95.4.1


This project was approved by Rick Leeds A/g Executive Manager Standards Division and Jonathan Aleck, Associate Director of Aviation Safety on 11 December 2012.

Project management

Project Leader: Mick English, Standards Officer

Project Sponsor/s: Jonathan Aleck Associate Director Aviation Safety

Standards Officer/s: Mick English

Project Priority


Project OS 12/44