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Project OS 10/12 - Helicopter Hover Exit Exemption in CAO 95.7

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Flight Operations
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Project closure notes

On 14 October 2010 CAO 95.7 was amended under Amendment Order (No 2) which resolved the issues and finalised the objectives associated with the above project.


Due to the expanded use of rotorcraft in specialised emergency service operations such as EMS, Law Enforcement and fire fighting support, there has been a sharp increase in the need for the issue of hover exit operational approvals by CASA field offices.

The approval process for hover exit operations is time-consuming for CASA and expensive for Industry. The current process requires industry to apply and pay a fee, an FOI to assess the operator's procedures, and Legal Services to draft and a delegate to sign an exemption.

The inclusion of a standard exemption in CAO 95.7 would remove the requirement for the exemption. An operator would still need to submit its procedures for assessment and pay a smaller fee, or in the case of a new standard operations manual being developed for fire-fighting operations, an operator would need only to adopt the manual's procedures and no fee would be required. There would be no requirement for a renewal process. This CAO amendment would involve no risk to CASA. The consequences of no action would be to perpetuate the inefficiency and lose an opportunity to provide an advantage to operators in adopting the fire-fighting operations manual, which as the potential to add significant safety and efficiency gains to the industry.

Project Objective

To provide an amendment to CAO 95.7 that achieves the same level of safety as the present exemption instrument for hover exit operations (CASA 532/09).


This project was approved by Peter Boyd on 17 May 2010.

Project management

Project Leader: John Botham

Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, EM Standards Development & Future Technology

Standards Development Project Manager: Dale South

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Project OS 10/12

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