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Project OS 02/06 - Development of guidelines for the Certification, airworthiness and operational electronic flight bag (EFB) computing devices

Project status: 


This project is now closed.

No recent changes

Project Closure Notes

This project was registered in 2002 and no development work has taken place since that time. The original terms of reference and project plan are no longer current and the project is to be closed.

However, CASA intends to establish a new project to address this subject at the appropriate time.


This project sets out to develop standards and guildelines for the certification, airworthiness and operational approval of portable and fixed Electronic Flight Bag computing devices in aircraft.

Rules affected

CAR 139 - Documents to be carried in Australian aircraft

CAR 233 - responsibility of pilot in command before flight

Project management

Project Leader: TBA

Project Sponsor: Rob Graham Acting GGM ATOG

Project OS 02/06

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