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Project MS 13/11 - Allow an applicant for an CAMO to include other than Regular Public Transport (RPT) aircraft in the CAMO application

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Maintenance/Maintenance personnel
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Closure notes

Project closed 25 July 2014.

Project completed and project objective achieved.


Aircraft operators with a CAMO may have responsibility to manage the airworthiness of non-RPT aircraft. Currently Part 42 of the CASR only applies to aircraft authorised to operate in RPT.

This current regulatory situation, in addition to the CAMO, requires the operator to have (for the aircraft to which Part 42 does not apply) a Maintenance Controller, Maintenance Control Manual and policy/procedures to meet CAR 1988 requirements.

If the higher regulatory requirement of a CAMO, on a purely voluntary basis, can be allowed to cover the operator's non-RPT aircraft, the expected outcome is reduced costs, improved safety and efficiency gains. Legislative change, in an adjustment to the Part 42 application statement would be required to effect the proposed change. The change would allow the CAMO to add non-RPT aircraft to their approval - on a voluntary basis.

Project objective

The objective of the project is to amend Regulation 202.181 of CASR 1998 such that a Part 42 applicability would extend to other than RPT aircraft which a CAMO or applicant for a CAMO has voluntarily nominated in the regulation 42.585 application for CAMO approval.

The associated Manual of Standards, Acceptable Means of Compliance, Guidance Material and CASA procedures/application forms will be amended to align with the new regulatory arrangement.

Rules affected

CASR Part 202


This project was approved by: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division on 21 May 2013.

Project management

Project Leader/s: Mike Broom

Project Sponsor/s: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division

Standards Officer/s: Mike Broom