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Project MS 12/39 - Amendments of the Part 66 Manual of Standards (MOS) - Training Requirements and minor amendment to Part 147 MOS - Facility Requirements

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Maintenance/Maintenance personnel
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Closure notes

Project closed 19 July 2013.

The Part 66 MOS amendments have been made and registered on the FRLI on 17 July 2013.

The Part 147 MOS amendments have been made and registered on the FRLI on 17 July 2013.


The following issues require addressing in this project.

  1. There is a need to clarify the practical training elements required by a Part 66 LAME to gain a first type rating on their B1 or B2 licence.
  2. As a matter of interpretation, the intent of the meaning of the expression "carry out maintenance" in subsection 20AB (2) of the Act is taken to also include the supervision, by a technically qualified person, of maintenance carried out by others. The Part 66 MOS does not currently provide that detail.
  3. There is a need to clarify that category B1 licence holders have category A licence privileges in addition to their B1 privileges, but only for aircraft for which they hold a type rating.
  4. There are some minor number formatting errors present in paragraphs 66.A.30 (e) and 66.A.45 (h) of the Part 66 MOS and requirement for clarification of the practical training options.
  5. The identifying numbers for the units of competency required for a category or subcategory of licence listed in Appendix IV of the Part 66 MOS, and taken from the MEA07 Aeroskills training package require further updating to match the unit numbering that exists in the current version of the Aeroskills training package - MEA11 released on 25th January 2012.
  6. There is a need to provide detail to Part 66 LAME licence holders of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) competency unit(s) required for removal of a particular exclusion from a LAME licence.
  7. There is a need to clarify in the Part 147 MOS that maintenance training organisations (MTO) that provide aircraft type training courses consisting of theory and practical elements of training, must also give students access to the appropriate aircraft type for the practical instruction appropriate to the training course.

Project objective

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Clarify that for a first aircraft type rating that Practical on Course (POC) training needs to be combined with an On the Job Training (OJT) program to provide the experience required for a licence rating in category B1 or B2.
  2. Provide a definition in section 66.5 - Definitions of the Part 66 MOS to clarify that unless the contrary intention appears, the term carry out maintenance, includes within its normal meaning both the supervision of maintenance and carrying out the physical tasks of maintenance.
  3. Clarify that the holder of a B1 licence endorsed with a subcategory may perform maintenance certification for the category A licence tasks listed in Appendix II of the Part 145 MOS, but only for those aircraft for which they hold that particular type rating.
    1. correct the number formatting errors in paragraphs 66.A.30 (e) and 66.A.45 (h).
    2. provide a note to section 66.A.45 of the Part 66 MOS that states a COA holder in accordance with CAO 104.0, may also provide type training and assessment for aircraft type ratings and for removal of exclusions from a Part 66 licence.
    3. clarify that a CAR 30 maintenance organisation may also conduct and manage OJT training to assist LAMEs in getting the experience they need to complete the practical requirements to gain a rating on their licence.
  4. Update the identifying numbers for the current list of competency units provided in Appendix IV with the most recent version from the Aeroskills training package (MEA11).
  5. Provide a new table that lists for each exclusion, the additional competency unit(s) required to be gained by a B1 or B2 LAME for the removal of that exclusion from their category of licence.
  6. Clarify at paragraph 147.A.100 (e) that when an MTO conducts an aircraft type training course, it must give students access to facilities containing examples of aircraft types for the practical instruction appropriate to the training course.
  7. In addition to the draft amendments to the CASR Part 66 Manual of Standards (MOS) for the training requirements for B1 and B2 licenced aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME) licences outlined in this project, draft amendments to CASR Part 66 AMC/GM and information contained in draft Advisory Circular AC66-7 also provide guidance and acceptable means of compliance (AMC) to satisfy the practical component of aircraft type rating training for B1 and B2 licences and are therefore related to the Part 66 MOS amendments.

Rules affected




This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division on 31 October 2012.

Project management

Project Leader: Mick McGill

Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division

Standards Officer: Mick McGill