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Project MS 10/06 - Adjustment of CAAP 30-5 to match CAO 100.66 legislation

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Maintenance/Maintenance personnel
Project status: 

Project closure notes

The amended CAAP 30-5(1) - Certificates of Approval - Training Organisations has been posted to the CASA Website.


The CAAP's guidance on the Storage of examination records needs to be amended to become "retained for 5 years" to comply with CAO 100.66 requirements and future CASR Part 147 requirements.

Project Objective

To correct the guidance so it reflects the legislation.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, EM Standards Development & Future Technology on 29 January 2010.

Rule affected

CAAP 30-5

Project management

Project Leader: Nick Ward

Project Stakeholder: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager, Standards Development & Future Technology

Standards Officer: Mike Broom

Project Priority


Project MS 10/06