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Project MS 09/23 - Minor update to CAO 100.16 Appendix 1

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Maintenance/Maintenance personnel
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Project closure notes

The Amendment Order amends Civil Aviation Order 100.16 to update the reference numbers and description of mandatory Brazilian documents used for the distribution of aircraft components.


CAO 100.16 is applicable to the holders of CAR 30 certificate of approvals covering distribution of aircraft components and materials (excluding manufacturers).

Form numbers of correctly completed documents that may be recognised by component distributors (as being authorised release certificates) are listed in the CAO 100.16 Appendix 1.

The Brazilian Forms ADH 100-12 and ADH 100-01B forms have now been renumbered F-100-12 and F-100-01B respectively.

The consequences of non-action by CASA is that a distributor issuing a release note in accord with CAO 100.16 would mistakenly believe that the authorised release certificates with the new form numbers could not be recognised for the issue of the release note.

If a release note was not issued by a aircraft component/material distributor then the distribution process would cease for the affected aircraft components/materials coming to Brazil.

Project Objective

The objective of this project is to update CAO 100.16 Appendix 1 to update a form name. CAAP 42W-1 would be consequently amended.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager, Standards Development & Future Technology Division on 10 December 2009.

Rules affected

CAO 100.16

Project management

Project Leader: Nick Ward

Project Stakeholder: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager, Standards Development & Future Technology Division

Standards Development Project Officer: Mike Broom

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Project MS 09/23

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