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Project MS 09/22 - Amendments to CAAP 42W-1 and CAAP 42W-2

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Maintenance/Maintenance personnel
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Project closure notes

Project closed: 3 September 2010
The updated CAAP 42W-1 and CAAP 42W-2 and the associated CASA Authorised Release Certificate - CASA Form 1 are published and available on CASA's website.


Amendments to CAAP 42W-1 and CAAP 42W-2 to introduce and describe a CASA form that is both titled Form 1 and has the Form 1 number allocated to it


In 1999, CASA agreed to introduce the internationally standardised Form 1 Authorised Released Certificates (ARC). The number 1 for CASA forms was not available for use and an alternative number was allocated. The CASA Form 1 ARC currently has the number 917 allocated to it. The difference between the Form title and Form number causes some confusion.

This confusion will be remedied by CASA with the introduction of a form that is both titled Form 1 and has the number 1 allocated to it. As part of the amendment, further compilation guidance in addition to that currently available will be provided. The consequence of non action would be that the current misleading situation would continue to generate confusion and queries.

Project Objective

The goal of the project is to publish the new Form 1 and amended CAAP 42W-1 and CAAP 42W-2 by 1 February 2010.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Development and Future Technology Division on 20 November 2009.

Rules affected

CAAP 42W-1 and CAAP 42W-2

Project management

Project Leader: Will David
Project Stakeholder: Rick Leeds
Standards Development Contact: Mike Broom